To Our Vajra Brothers and Sisters of the International Dzogchen Community

Our Master left us with everything we need to apply The Teaching, and after a year of Mourning, we now enter a New Year with a deeper understanding of how to be responsible for ourselves, and for our collective action as the students who hold Rinpoche’s unique and precious lineage.

Our future as a Sangha remains alive on the basis of our practice, our collaboration, and in a very concrete sense: Renewal of Membership as a way Rinpoche created to maintain organized courses, events, services, and places to gather together.

Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Santi Maha Sangha, Khaita, Medical Programs, Translation Projects, Book Publishing, and all Collective Practices continue to develop based on our opportunities to gather and share our knowledge and experience. Just as Rinpoche’s Transmission planted the seed for all of that Activity to manifest in Gars and Lings around the planet, in a practical sense, Membership fuels the growth and development of that Activity.

We owe our existence as a Sangha to our amazing fortune as individuals who received the Supreme Teaching from our Supreme Teacher. Membership in The Community that Rinpoche built is the responsibility we share as students who were Blessed as knowledge holders directly by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Although it feels we can never truly repay the kindness of the person who introduced freedom beyond all limitations to each of our lives, there are very mundane and simple things we can offer every year that symbolize our appreciation. Membership is a basic expression of our gratitude for Rinpoche’s life and the infinite kindness we have received from that rare and authentic connection.

If we want the Dzogchen Community to continue its evolution, and we see ourselves as a part of that evolution, then Membership is a very real contribution each of us can make to uphold the Teaching for ourselves and for the benefit of Our World.

We urge you to consider well the deeper significance of Membership Renewal, and we thank you for your continued interest, dedication, and support.

All Our Love,
International Gakyil of The International Dzogchen Community