Please make sure to arrive on time for practice

Dear Sangha

Starting immediately Dondrubling will be locking the front gate and building side door at the beginning of our evening practice sessions.
This is because there have been thefts and reports of intruders in the building during and after our practices. Other businesses in the building have been impacted. Out of respect for them and to keep the building and tenants safe and secure we are instituting this policy.
For weeknight ganapujas, we begin assembling at 7pm; practice starts promptly at 7:30pm. We will lock the gate and building’s side door at 7:30. For weekend ganapujas, we open at 5pm, and practice starts at 5:30pm; we will lock up at 5:30.
Please plan to arrive within this half-hour window for assembly and setup. We will not interrupt practice to come down and open the doors for late arrivals.
Facilitators of other nighttime practices may determine when to lock the doors.


The Dzogchen Community West Coast