Dondrubling’s Gakyil encourages you to participate in our 2021 Gakyil.

Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters

Serving on the gakyil helps us all to continue Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s vision and also can be a wonderful practice in itself.

We are actively seeking Yellow, Blue, and Red Gakyil candidates.
Membership in the Dzogchen Community is a mandatory qualification for serving on the gakyil.

Of course, the current three Dondrubling Gakyil members, who have served for three years, will collaborate with and support all new members to transition smoothly into their responsibilities.
The following lists of specific tasks reflect current circumstances for Dondrubling, without a physical location.

Yellow Gakyil – “represents the economic and administration activities, which are linked to the body”
Paying bills and managing financial obligations, including distribution of membership fees and expenditures for online courses
Maintaining accounting records and supervising biannual bookkeeping reports
Planning for fundraising

Blue Gakyil – “represents the cultural and educational activities (of the teachings), which are linked to the mind”
Organizing, promoting, and scheduling online practices, events, courses, and retreats
Managing online communications, including weekly calendar emails, special announcements, website updates, and posts to social media
Coordinating Zoom meetings

Red Gakyil – “represents the different kinds of work activities, or work co-operatives, which are linked to the voice or energy”
Collaborating with Blue on online and outreach communications tasks
Arranging rentals for specific practices

Sunday, May 30 is the deadline for application:
Please send an email briefly stating your interests and qualifications to with the subject line Dondrubling Gakyil 2021.