Memories of Dondrubling

Some images from the very beginning-anyone who has images they would like to share please send them to aha @ and we will post them here.

Our beautiful mandala

Dondrubling is closed and leaving Berkeley site by Losar

Dzogchen Community participants at recent community forums agreed that it is time to give up the physical space in south Berkeley that the ling has occupied since 2001.
Dondrubling is not alone in coming to this decision. Lings in New York City and Mexico City have also decided to close their too-expensive and unusable urban sites this month.
Packing and moving out will occur over the next two months. Please contact the Gakyil to arrange for retrieving personal items stored at the ling.
The Gakyil welcomes your suggestions and offers of help, both for the immediate move-out tasks and for how Dondrubling will continue to offer collective practices into the future. One major consideration is how best to support Vajra Dance practice during the current pandemic circumstances, and afterwards.
We are not going away! Only our physical location is changing, to what we do not yet know. We must work with the current circumstances.
Choegal Namkhai Norbu first visited the greater Bay Area to give teachings in 1979. The Dzogchen Community West Coast has been an active non profit 501 ©(3) since 1987, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Our south Berkeley site was established in 2001, following Rinpoche’s May 2001 retreat in Oakland. Although he never visited Dondrubling, he suggested the name, which means “Place of Accomplishment.”
May our vision expand to realize new spaces for accomplishing collaboration and communication.
Dondrubling’s Gakyil wants to hear your suggestions and requests on our move-out process. Please send your emails to
Many thanks for your collaboration and best wishes for your continued good health and practice.

We are here for you

As a non-profit organization (501 ©(3)), Dondrubling exists because of the generosity of our sangha. Each participant’s contribution is an investment in the sustainability and continued growth of our center, and the preservation of the Dzogchen transmission of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.
We still have to pay rent, even during this time of sheltering in place. If you can, please consider donating $5 (or more) to help the center pay rent and utilities, and help subsidize the authorized teachers who provide workshops and retreats via ZOOM at this time. Any amount is most welcome.

You can use the PayPal button on the right. Follow the instructions for PayPal, or credit card. You can also check the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” box.

Practice Opportunities Online

Many Vajra Sisters and Brothers in our Dzogchen Community have seized this opportunity to work with circumstances in wonderful and remarkable ways. Since most of us are now obliged to stay at home, some are choosing to do a sort of personal retreat or at least to do more individual practices. Although some may feel the loss of the chance to do collective practices together at Dondrubling, there are many opportunities to participate in collective practices online. You are probably already aware of some or all of the following opportunities. Here are some links to just a few of those of which we are aware: (Please visit the websites below for details of dates, times and if registration is required. Some videoconferences require a brief, free download from

Dzamling Gar Webcast:

Tsegyalgar East Videoconferences:

Kundrolling, New York Dzogchen Community

Due to the Shelter-In-Place order for the Bay Area, all Dzogchen Community collective group practices and teachings have been suspended indefinitely at our physical location, Dondrubling. However, we WILL be offering Ganapujas via Zoom video conference. (If you have not used Zoom before, please go to and follow the instructions to download and run the free software needed to participate.) We are also working on offering other collective practices via Zoom. Please check the practice calendar for up to date details of events coming soon.