Gakyil (Governance)

We are pleased to announce Dondrubling’s Gakyil for 2016

contact — gakyil (@)

Tana Lehr – Blue–President
Shubhi Agrawal – Red–Secretary
Dan Brittingham – Yellow–Treasurer

Website & Membership Coordinator: Laurel Bellon
Rentals: Lacey Segal —  rentals (@)
Public Events Coordinator: Dawa Gail Lorien
Shang Shung Events: Matthew Schmookler

What is the Gakyil?
The Dondrubling Gakyil is the chief governing body responsible for ensuring that the center is in line with Rinpoche’s vision performing long term planning, overseeing the wellbeing of the center and community, and providing financial oversight.

Overview of Dondrubling Governance
Dondrubling is governed by an appointed council of community members in accordance with the governing structure the Dzogchen Community.

To contact the Gakyil please write to:
gakyil (@)

The management and organization of the various center and groups of the Dzogchen Community are taken care of by the Gakyil (“mandala of joy”), an entity made up of three sections (indicated by the colors yellow, red, and blue), which, according to an ancient Buddhist system, correspond to the three aspects of the individual (body, energy, and mind). The yellow Gakyil (linked to the body dimension) takes care of financial management, the red Gakyil (linked to the energy dimension) of activities and projects regarding maintenance and development of the center, and the blue Gakyil (linked to the mind dimension) of cultural activities and those linked to the practice, such as regularly scheduled practices,  retreats and courses. The Gakyil is a collective body without any type of hierarchy within it and decisions are taken by common agreement of all the members. There can be three, six, or nine Gakyil members, who are elected each year. Besides the local Gakyils there is also the International Gakyil which is in direct contact with the Master and has a role of management and coordination.

The gakyil is committed to serving the needs of the Dzogchen Community Community and maintaining healthy communication around center policies, strategies, and finances.  The gakyil works to maintain strong communication with the community in the following ways:

All members of the gakyil serve as its representatives to the community.  Community members are welcome to contact any member of the gakyil with their concerns regarding the Center’s operations, staff, office holders or community life.  Community members are welcome to express general concerns during monthly gakyil meetings, which are announced on our practice calendar.   In addition, all major center staff and leadership opportunities will be announced to the community. Any community member is free to view meeting minutes from monthly gakyil meetings.