Practice Retreat with Michael Katz The Cycle of Day and Night

Michael Katz  – Talk and Slide Presentation
Friday Evening, July 15
7 – 9 pm
Suggested Donation: $20

Saturday & Sunday, 7/16-17
10 am – 12:30 pm
Lunch Break
2:30 – 5 pm
Course Fee: $150 includes Friday talk.
Sliding Scale, No one turned away

“When the iron bird flies and the horses run on wheels,
the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world,
and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men.”













Michael Katz has  a doctoral degree in psychology from New York University. He is a long time student of  Tibetan Buddhism and has studied with many of the great masters of this age. He is the co-author and editor of the book “Dream yoga and the practice of natural light” with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu . He is also the author of the book “Tibetan dream Yoga the royal road to enlightenment “as well as the novel “the white dolphin.”


Michael an SMS instructor within the International Dzogchen community has been authorized to teach dream yoga and meditation by Chogyal Namkhai  Norbu and has subsequently taught for two decades in more than 20 countries internationally as well as Harvard University, Amherst College, Tibet House  and other institutions and organizations.

Embodiment of Awareness – Summer Events at Dondrubling

Please check the community practice calendar for  dates and times

  • June 20th – Mandarava Ganapuja webcast at 19:30h (GMT+3)
  • July 10th – Wözer Chenma
  • July 15th-17th Michael Katz, the Cycle of Day and Night
  • July 19th – Mandarava Ganapuja (webcast)
  • August 2nd – Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja
  • August 6th – Guru Dragphur global chain 24 hours
  • August 12-13 – Worldwide Transmission, Anniversary of Padmasambhava
  • August 18th – Mandarava Ganapuja (webcast)

Shang Shung Open Programs

  • Saturday July 9 – Khaita Joyful Dances Workshop – A Shang Shung Program
    with Katya and Matthew Schmookler, Authorized Instructors
    10 am – Noon: In this session, we will train in new Circle dances.
    2 pm – 5 pm This session will be devoted entirely to Tashi Monlam, the Invocation of Good Fortune and dedication of Khaita sessions.
    Sliding Scale Donation: Full Day $25; By Session $15
    No Turned away due to lack of funds.
  • Saturday August 13 – Harmonious Breathing
    with Luke Karamol, Authorized Instructor
    This course is open to anyone who is interested in learning and understanding the principles of complete yoga breathing as well as those who want to deepen their understanding and explore the breathing process as a method for developing presence and relaxation in daily life. Complete breathing is the foundation for yantra yoga and any pranayama methods. We will work with harmonious breathing, stretching exercises and simple movements of Yantra Yoga adaptable for everyone.
    9:30 -12 pm and 2:30 – 5pm
    $30 per session, $50 Full Day
    Registration at the Door
  • October 7 – 10 – Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings Vajra Dance Course with Carisa O’Kelly

Dondrubling Public Programs

  • Sunday July 24, Embodied Presence & Spiritual Transformation
    with Steven Goodman, PhD
    Sunday, July 24 ~ 11 am – 1 pm
    Benefit for Dondrubling
    Suggested Donation $25 – $35
  • Saturday, August 6, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm — Meditating with the Voice: Chanting as the Integration of Sound, the Body and the Movement of Prana
    with Silvia Nakkach-Knapp, Grammy® nominated composer and Dzogchen PractitionerWhen the Voice opens it unveils our divine nature – our true Self – and we feel/sense/connect with our innate radiance, freedom, and joy. Through deep listening and gentle guided vocal meditations _ in the tradition of Nada Yoga and Dhrupad raga singing_ we’ll approach the voice as “energy that can be liberating”.
    Suggested Donation: $45 – $5
  • Friday, August 20, 7 pm – 9 pm Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya will be performing the dances of Vajrasattva, Vajravarahi, and Mahakala. In this ancient and once secret tradition, the dancer embodies Vajrayana Deities dancing within their Manadalas.
    Donation: $20 -$30
  • Saturday, August 21 INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP
    The sacred dance of the Vajrayana Priests of Nepal is a dynamic yogic discipline for healing and transformation. The dance movements and meditative elements effect profound changes of mind and body. The goals of the dance are yogic mastery of the body, refinement of the emotions, and deepened spiritual awareness. In this workshop participants will learn the Dance of Refuge in the Three Jewels, the Sixteen Offerings Dance and Dedication Dance. Prajwal will explain the five elements in the body, basic deity mudras, and dance as deity yoga.This workshop can be for anyone of any physical capability. No experience necessary.
    10 am -12:30 pm
    2 pm – 4:30 pm
    Performance and Workshop: $75 Early Registration
    At the Door: Performance $20 – $30; Workshop: $65
    As space is limited, Preregistration is recommended.
    Sliding Scale for Limited Income.
    Contact Dawa at or 510-644-2260
  • October 29 – Dec. 17, Saturday Mornings Stanford Compassion Cultivation Training – 8 week course with Dawa Gail Lorien
  • Sunday Nov. 6, 10 am – 5 pm – Unconditional Compassion, Brooke D. Lavelle, Ph.D. & Tenzin Namsel

Location for All Events

Dzogchen Community West
2748 Adeline Street, Suite D, Berkeley, CA
Above the Crixa Bakery – Entrance is through Iron Gate.

Public Programs Coordinator: Dawa Gail Lorien